Our belief is that a standard 30 minute lesson is not enough time to deliver a fun, productive guitar lesson experience.  A typical half hour lesson in a retail store/music school might look like this :

- 15 minutes checking in and reviewing questions that have built up during the week

- 10 minutes of work on new material

- a few minutes of review and pack up

This can make it feel like the lesson is all over before it began.  The student returns home and practices his/her assignments until the next week's lesson. There is not much about this scenario that screams "motivation" for the student.

Our Solution

As a family business we provide a level of between-lesson support that cannot be offered by employee/student teachers.  And that's why we can achieve so much more during our lessons.  

The Dojo Lesson is a full hour in small classes (max of 3) , where each student receives the same amount of productive 1-on-1 time as a regular half hour private lesson.

A typical lesson would look something like this :

-15 mins of checking in , group activities and games

-15 mins in our Music Lab (Station 1 w/headphones)

-15 mins of 1-on-1 instruction (Station 2)

-15 mins of directed practice (Station 3 w/headphones)

Students gain SO MUCH MORE than just learning to play in a small class setting. The extra self-confidence and encouragement from their peers that students receive really does improve progress - they feel part of a team and get to see that they're not alone when learning those hard parts!  The Music Lab provides fun activities to assist in the development of skills such as rhythm , a good musical ear etc.....  and we also get ahead of the curve with some practice in class.

And when you get home we have you covered with online support via our practice app!


Our key focus has been to create a package that delivers the very best content, service and value.


The "going rate" for a weekly half hour private lesson at a local music school averages around $35.


To that figure you can usually add substantial extra costs such as registration fees, card fees and the cost of books and other materials.

Our Solution

At The Guitar Dojo - for around the cost of a regular half hour lesson ($34/week = $147/month ) - you will receive the following membership benefits :

- a one hour class reservation each week 

- FREE registration and no card payment fees

- FREE awesome Welcome Pack

- FREE hard copy learning materials 

- FREE premium practice and ear training apps  

- FREE after hours support direct from your guitar teacher - we'll even get back to you over Christmas if you're that dedicated!!

We also offer monthly payments rather than requiring full term/semester fees paid in advance.  

It's all about making sure that students and parents can just focus on learning and enjoying themselves!

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