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Here at The Guitar Dojo our goal is to keep our policies as simple as possible.  Please read the short list of policies below before signing up as a member of The Guitar Dojo.


Your membership of The Guitar Dojo includes the following benefits:

- a one hour lesson/class reserved for you each week/fortnight , 50 weeks a year.  

- personal subscriptions to our learning apps

- online support between lessons

- all hard copy and digital learning materials

- no registration fees or card fees

**If a student discontinues their membership and wishes to rejoin then a re-registration fee of $150 is payable.


Unlike many music schools we do not require full quarterly fees paid in advance , although this is welcomed and can be paid by bank transfer, credit card , cheque or cash in advance.

We do accept monthly payments in advance but require that it is done via Auto Pay.  Our secure payments are handled by one of the worlds largest payment processing companies (Stripe) and we do not keep your card details on file.

Our payment calendar is as follows:

- on the 18th of the month your Auto Pay for the coming month will be processed and an invoice sent via email

- on the 21st of the month a late payment reminder will be sent via email and SMS if a card is declined

- on the 25th of the month a late fee of $25 will be levied where applicable

- on the 28th of the month any members with unpaid accounts will have their membership suspended until the account is brought up to date.

The goal of this policy is to keep things simple.  As a small family business we do not have an "accounts receivable department" and rely on payments running smoothly so that we can devote our time to supporting our paying members.

If you wish to discontinue your membership of The Guitar Dojo and are paying monthly , then just let us know by the 15th of the month so we can cancel the Auto Pay.   Payments that have been made are non-refundable.


As a member of The Guitar Dojo your weekly (or bi-weekly) lesson time is reserved for you exclusively.  Please note that your lesson cannot be re-scheduled if you do not attend.   If you miss a lesson we will continue to provide you with online support and will also upload extra work to the practice portal for you to work on leading up to your next scheduled lesson time.

In the event that your teacher is absent , you will be offered times for a make up lesson.  If a convenient time cannot be arranged then the teacher will record a short video lesson and provide the usual ongoing support.


As a general rule beginner students should be aiming to practice a minimum of 10 minutes per day or 60 minutes per week.  More advanced students should be aiming to practice more to ensure steady progress.  


Students are expected to bring their own guitar and pick to each lesson but , outside of that , all other equipment (leads, amps  etc......) will be provided for you.


From time to time we do like to update our community on the progress of our students and may post photo/video of activities in our school for social media and/or promotional purposes.  If you would like yourself (adult member) or your child to be excluded from having their photo/video displayed then please just let us know!

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