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GGG (Guitar Gig Guide) 9th August - South Morang and Surrounds

Well the Bon Jovi show last week at The Commercial Hotel was pretty good! The band was solid and the singer was a lot better than the real thing. Not hard I know.........

Let's check out where the guitars are playing at the usual haunts and elsewhere in Melbourne. Pretty slim pickings this week in the local area. I would love to go and see Teramaze but nobody else that I know has heard of them .

1) The Commercial Hotel ( South Morang / Epping / Yarrambat /Diamond Creek and surrounds)

The best live band and bar area for some distance and some high quality bands and artists on a regular basis.

2) The Bridge Inn Hotel (Mernda/Doreen/Yarrambat / Yan Yean and surrounds)

More of a sports bar - and a good one at that - they do have some good live music from time to time

3) The Shoppingtown Hotel (Doncaster and surrounds)

A great venue that has some pretty high profile acts from Australia and overseas from time to time. A bit of a hike for some of us but quite handy for our students in Diamond Creek , Greensborough and Eltham.

4) Musicland (Fawkner and surrounds)

Like the Shoppingtown Hotel it is a bit of a hike for some of us but for our students in Epping , Lalor and Bundoora it's not too far. Musicland is much more than a live venue and has a music store (where we get some of our guitars serviced) and also a recording studio setup. Quality bands play there regularly.

So what is on The Guitar Dojo's radar for the coming week?

Aug 9: Countdown 80s (Musicland) 8.30pm

Greater Melbourne

Fri Aug 9: Mark Seymour (Memo)

Sat 10 Aug : Mark Seymour (Memo)

Sat 10 Aug: Come Together (Beatles cover) (Voodoo Lounge)

Sat 10 Aug : Teramaze (Evelyn Hotel)

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