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All members of The Guitar Dojo receive a premium service that includes the following benefits:


- a weekly 1-on-1 private lesson reservation of 30 or 45 minutes depending on age/preference. Our lessons are conducted in person at our South Morang location.

- learning materials provided (including our interactive online practice player)

- a subscription to our school app which provides online access to your personalised learning materials , practice timer , notes from your teacher and extra digital media such as backing tracks

- direct support from your teacher via the app when required between lessons

- discounts on guitars and related equipment/software

- no registration fees, card fees or other fees!

We offer the flexibility of a monthly membership with 12 equal monthly payments over the year. No full term commitment required and no other fees to worry about. All that is left for you to do is decide on the lesson type you prefer from the selection below.



Premium Guitar Dojo Lesson (45 minute private)

In our opinion a 45 minute lesson strikes the perfect balance (in most cases) between the standard music lesson offerings of 30/60 minutes. It's a nice amount of time to deliver a comprehensive guitar lesson at a relaxed pace and is perfect for those who want to delve a bit deeper during lessons.

Standard Guitar Dojo Lesson (30 minute private) - available for under 15's

Our 30 minute lessons make a great option for younger learners who might struggle with a longer lesson and can also be a more economical option for those just wanting to dip their toe in!  And don't forget - all students have access to support between lessons , so there is no such thing as a "no frills" service. 


We offer a 45 minute buddy lesson (2 per group) at a price per person that is less than half hour private lessons.  This has proven very popular with siblings and parent/child combinations and we would love to add more to our schedule - the friendly competition and social aspect to the lesson is a pleasure to be a part of! This is only available for people who are known to each other and happy to have one invoice -no account splitting available.


Premium Guitar Dojo Lesson

As mentioned above we find 45 minutes to be the ideal length for a guitar lesson for most people and this is the only membership type that we offer our adult members.

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