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GGG (Guitar Gig Guide) 1st August - South Morang and Surrounds

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

One of our adult guitar students who can't be bothered looking it up himself (j/k) has asked me a couple of times about local live guitar based music and so I thought we might try this as a collaborative effort and maybe even catch up from time to time at these performances. If it inspires us to pick up our guitars then it has to be a good thing! Anyone who knows me will be aware that I have a bit of a bias towards rock and metal , so please feel free to fill in the gaps with some other genres. And if there's something really cool happening within the greater Melbourne area then please feel free to add that too in the comments here or (preferably) on Facebook.

There's too many bands around to list everything so we will focus on the bigger names and those that have been recommended by The Guitar Dojo and our followers. Also feel free to warn us off from bands that ain't too great!

From my point of view there are 4 key venues within the areas that our students hail from.

1) The Commercial Hotel ( South Morang / Epping / Yarrambat /Diamond Creek and surrounds)

The best live band and bar area for some distance and some high quality bands and artists on a regular basis.

2) The Bridge Inn Hotel (Mernda/Doreen/Yarrambat / Yan Yean and surrounds)

More of a sports bar - and a good one at that - they do have some good live music from time to time

3) The Shoppingtown Hotel (Doncaster and surrounds)

A great venue that has some pretty high profile acts from Australia and overseas from time to time. A bit of a hike for some of us but quite handy for our students in Diamond Creek , Greensborough and Eltham.

4) Musicland (Fawkner and surrounds)

Like the Shoppingtown Hotel it is a bit of a hike for some of us but for our students in Epping , Lalor and Bundoora it's not too far. Musicland is much more than a live venue and has a music store (where we get some of our guitars serviced) and also a recording studio setup. Quality bands play there regularly.

So what is on The Guitar Dojo's radar for the coming week?

Aug 2: Diesel (The Commercial)

Aug 3 : Gold Chisel (Musicland) 7.30pm

Aug 3 : Australian Bon Jovi Show (The Commercial) 8pm......we'll be there (for you) !

Aug 3: Absolutely 80's (The Shoppingtown)

Greater Melbourne

Aug 2: Captain Spalding (Customs House Hotel)

Aug 3 Queen Forever (The Prince)

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